Tate Etc has the largest circulation of any art magazine in the world, with a print run of 130,000. It has been entirely redesigned by Studio Ard in 2017. In close collaboration, I designed a 4-style typeface family called Tate Etcentury, inspired by eponymous 1924 monospace design by Morris Fuller Benton. It is in use for headlines & captions throughout the whole magazine, as well as the main text typeface in the “END” section. It’s meant to evolve into a wider family in the future, fitting the constantly evolving needs of the project.
    Design & Art Direction by Ard — Chuard & Nørregaard. © Ard and Tate Etc. Sample text courtesy Tóibín, Colm. ‘Alberto Giacometti.’ Tate Etc. issue 40: Summer 2017 (2016).