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  • Osama Obama

    Animated music video for swiss band Larytta, 2014. The title and lyrics of the song suggests comparative ethics and can be interpreted as ‘Every truth has two sides’. The video uses this assumption as a starting point. ‘They don’t belong to the same song’, as the lyrics say. Every prop surrounding the characters fits that paradigm. The attitude of one seemingly answers to a set of moral principles, while that of the other appears amoral. They both engage in and suffer from societal habits: consumption, violence, politeness, anxieties, punishment… However, the formal features of their respective universes start spilling over into one another. Their behaviors are therefore not dictated by a model, nor are they the fruit of their own choosing. Rather, they are a consequence of their environment, and as such could be described as parametric. The ideologies with which the characters correlate are a way for them to structure their daily routine. Aesthetically and conceptually inspired by early animated feature films, Osama Obama plays with a subtle combination of a worn-out, commonplace style and a caustic, full-of-references story.
    Produced by Augenblick Studios Inc. Awarded Best Swiss Music Video 2015, Solothurn Filmtage and M4Music Festival. Nominated at the Swiss Design Award 2015. ✌ Eternal thanks to all the crowdfunders who made the production possible ✌
  • Plant Lines

    Vegetal concept for Lausanne Jardins 2014. Stretching a rope between two windows is a common gesture, but allows to create a new plan, a new workspace. Taking the principle of the clothes line as its core concept, this installation aims to create a participative, social experiment. It allows the installation to become a platform where neighbours exchange, being collectively responsible for the growth of the plants in order to benefit them eventually. Designed as a functional miniature alpine cable car, operable from the windows, the pots contain various creeping and aromatic plants such as kiwis, grape, passionflower, chive, mint, parsley, thyme, and basil.
    Designed and produced in collaboration with Manon Briod and MG architects, 2013—2014.
    Comissiioners: Adrien Rovero + Christophe Ponceau. Photos: Anne-Laure Lechat
  • Last Time Burma

    Production and design of an artist book with burmese-born, London-based photographer Chloé Tun Tun. The series featured in the book is an attempt by the photographer to provide us with comparative material to the usual stream of pictures reaching us from Burma. In almost total visual bareness, she has tried to render the daily routine of her friends and siblings.
    Supported by Pro Helvetia and Canton de Vaud. Essay by Naomi Vogt, production by Fabian Harb, proofing by Alex Bell. Edited and designed by Julien Mercier. Published in 2014 by Acme.
  • Offprint Paris

    Scenography and communication for Offprin Paris book fair.
    In collaboration with Studio Laurenz Brunner. Picture by Jeremy Ayer